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​"My 3 girls have been dancing at Ellen’s since they were each 3 years old and my oldest is now a senior in high school. They’ve been like family to us for 15 years and we love our dance family. They teach not only the best dancing techniques, but they also teach class, integrity, loyalty, kindness and so much more. From the day they start they’re teaching them to be the best they can be as a dancer and as a person! I couldn’t be happier with the dance home I chose for my girls and they love love love it there!!! We’ve all met some of our best friends here and my daughter wants to pursue a dance career because of the confidence she has gained. "                              

​                                                                                 Sue Delisle

                         ​"There is no better place in the world to learn dance!"                                                                           Joe Robbins


"I have been with Ellens School of Dance for over 30 years. I started dancing there when I was 2.5 years old and danced through high school. After college I returned for adult lessons as well. Now as a mom, my daughter has fallen in love with the school and teachers. She is 7.5 years old and started when she was 2. My son also has fallen in love with boys hip hop! ESOD has a beautiful facility, caring teachers & staff, top notch choreography and the most amazing, beautiful recitals! From learning the very basics at a young age, to every kind of dance at every level for both boys and girls, ESOD does it 100%! Ellens School of Dance is by far the best dance studio around!"    

                                                                                  Laurie Greene


​"We adore Ellen’s School of Dance! I went to Ellen’s when i was a child and I think it’s awesome they are still such a reputable school. The staff are all wonderful with the kids and knowledgeable about dance. I’ve loved seeing how the students all play such a big roll in the school, from helping in the productions to helping the littlest dancers, each student has a place and you can see how happy they are. Ellen’s means so much more to our family than just dance. It’s a place where our daughter will make lasting friendships, gain so much self confidence and learn the value in hard work. Can’t say enough about Ellen’s!"

                                                                                                                           Erin Buckley

​"Ellen’s School of Dance is not your ordinary Dance Studio. Once you become an Ellen’s Dancer you become part of a family! I cannot recommend it enough! You will watch your children flourish right before your eyes." 

                                                                                 Danielle Dolan