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 General email: ellensdancestudio@gmail.com 

Payment/Billing email: ellensdancepayments@gmail.com

 How to pay online:

  1. Determine the payment amount by checking your account balance on the ESOD Parent Portal ​​
  2. Visit our Online Payment site to:
    • Make Payments
    • Set up Tuition AutoPay

We ask that you observe a 4 day grace period to allow for posting. If you do not see your payment posted after 4 days, please contact us.


We encourage our current customers view your account payments due through our parent portal. 
Cash and Check payments are the preferred form of payment. 

Cash, check and credit card payments can be made at the studio. 

If you have any questions regarding your account or issues with your portal please send an email to ellensdancepayments@gmail.com.

As always, any questions please let us know.
 Ellens School of Dance Staff

To Register for Online Zoom Classes or In-studio Classes, Email us.


Online Payments