Kaylee Benigno & Kayla Tollis

2019 Mini & Junior  Students of the Year

Check out the pictures of our Annual Pasta Supper & Awards Ceremony.

What a wonderful time we all had at both events! 

Kyleigh Theriault  

"Joy Of Dance Award" 

Megan Cali

DSAA Scholarship

Vanessa Flynn

2019 Senior Student of the Year

Shea Riley

2019 Christine Martell Scholarship Recipient

Briann Burato, Tatum Gayron & Delanie Robinson 

2019 Evelyn T. Silva  Scholarship Recipient

Kaley Patriquin

2019 Competition Team Performance & Sportsmanship Winner

Pasta Supper       March 16, 2019

Tiana Rogers 

2019 Ashleigh Snelson Memorial Scholarship Recipient

Jenna Gallant

2019 Katleen Lynch Scholarship Recipient

Olivia Parker

2019 Teen Student of the Year

Awards Ceremony    April 6, 2019


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