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COVID 19 Safety Guidelines

​​​​Options for Classes

  1. In Studio- We will be following all of the proper safety guidelines. 
  2. Zoom Online Class- Class ID's will be given for each class. 
  3. Outdoor Class- W​eather permitting outdoor classes will be offered for some classes. A 20 x 30 tent will be set up with a dance floor, spacing the dancers 6 ft apart from one another. 

Protocol for Opening of the Studio
To assure the safety of our dancers, families and staff please adhere to these guidelines.

  • Facility will be cleaned and disinfected prior to students entering.
  • We have added extra time between classes for employees to disinfect the studio rooms after each class.
  • Students and employees are asked to stay home if they have any fever or symptoms of illness.
  • Class sizes will be smaller following the state guidelines.
  • Lobby & office area , dressing rooms, store & dancers lounge will be closed.

           Please note- For certain classes and times Preschool Parents for Fall this may change and allow 1                                             parent per dancer if restrictions are lifted.

  • For Parents -We will have ZOOM ID's for most classes for viewing if parents would like to watch their dancers class.
  • Students will wait in their cars until 5 minute to the start of class or until an ESOD Staff member directs you to enter.
  • Please use designated areas for drop off and pick up.
  • Dancers dancing in Studio Rooms 2, 3 & 4 will enter and exit the building by the back door.
  • Dancers dancing in Studio 1 will enter and exit the building upstairs.
  • Masks are required to enter the building.
  • Masks will be worn AT ALL TIMES by ESOD STAFF.
  • Masks are required for dancers to wear during class and while in the studio. 
  • Upon entering the building students will be ask to sanitize hands.
  • Teachers will be at each entrance directing and escorting dancers as to which studio room to enter.
  • Students will then go directly to their designated dance room.
  • Students and staff will be a minimum of 6ft apart in the dance room.
  • Each dancer will be assigned an 8 X 8 dance square to dance in.
  • We ask each dancer to come dressed for class.
  • Dancers should only bring a water bottle & dance shoes they will need for the day.
  • Dancers should bring a plastic for face mask to be placed in while not wearing.
  • They will place their dance bag and drink in their 8 X 8 square and if space allows in designated 6ft apart seating area.
  • At the end of class teachers will dismiss dancers one at time out of the classroom.
  • Students will be asked again to sanitized and wear mask when leaving the studio room.
  • A ESOD staff member will be at the exit doors to be sure a parent is there to pick up each dancer.

Social distancing will be strictly enforced.
Remind your dancer to be mindful of others as they move within the studio.

Updates we have made to the studio! 

  • Hand sanitizing stations at both building entrance doors as well as each studio room.
  • Restrooms have been updated -They all have touch less paper towel and soap dispensers.
  • Upstairs has 1 FULLY touch less bathroom sink and toilet as well as the paper towels and soap dispenser.
  • UV light has been installed in the AC unit downstairs to kill 99.9% bacteria & germs that pass through the filter.
  • We have replaced all the air filters in the AC units.
  • For disinfecting we have a medical grade spray, used throughout the building.
  • TV's in each studio room for Zoom Class Instruction.
  • Each Studio Room floor is marked with 8 X 8 squares for the dancers dance space.
  • Ballet Barres are marked 6 ft apart.
  • Studio 4 has had a full makeover!