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Wedding Dance Ballroom Couples Ballroom Billerica, Ma
Wedding Dance Ballroom Couples Ballroom

We offer Ballroom Courses for Youths, Teens & Adults

Beginner - Advanced

Waltz, Foxtrot, Rhumba & Swing

6 week course for couples............$280.00

Wedding Specials 

 Private 30 minute sessions .............. $100  for Couple

3 - 30 minute private lessons for Couple ........... $270.00

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Social Dance & Etiquette Course

Terrific program for building school spirit & camaraderie!

        We have prepared and designed this course to be fun & informative while promoting students' self esteem. Each class consists of a dance portion followed by an etiquette session. The dance portion of the program will cover the basic principles of the Waltz, Rhumba, & Swing as well as some general group line dances. The etiquette portion will cover receiving lines, dining, letter writing, telephone, email & texting manners, as well as common daily courtesies. All of our programs are formatted with the intention of allowing students to learn new skills while also gaining interest and enjoyment of dance and the arts.

         This course is geared towards Middle School age students in 6th, 7th or 8th grade, but could be tailored to fit other ages as well. It is a 4 week session - 75 min long. We can coordinate days & times to meet your scheduling needs. These classes can be taught at either of our studio locations or on site at your school facility if needed. We supply all music and equipment as well as at least 3 Instructors.

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For more information contact our Billerica Studio. 978-667-3441